Welcome to 2018!

Folks, I can’t quite say why, but I have a feeling that this year will leave a lot of people satisfied, no matter what part of the great divide you rest in.  May everything be better for you this year, and may we find some common ground (we always have music, though, don’t we?).

America’s First Addiction Epidemic

Originally posted on Longreads:
Christopher Finan| Drunks: An American History | Beacon Press | June 2017 | 28 minutes (7,526 words)  The following is an excerpt from Drunks, by Christopher Finan. This story is recommended by Longreads contributing editor Dana Snitzky. * * * The men full of strong drink have trodden in the fireplaces. In spring of 1799, Handsome Lake, a…

Sermon on the Dormition

Sermon on the Dormition On this day of the Dormition of our Lady Theotokos I would like to speak primarily about her place in the history of salvation and just make a few minor references to this feast.  The character of my words will be primarily apologetic.  Why is that so?  Because we, as Orthodox…

April 22, 1918 – The Red Baron – Today in History

By way of comparison, the highest scoring Allied ace of the Great War was Frenchman René Fonck, with 75 confirmed victories. The highest scoring fighter pilot from the British Empire was Canadian B… Source: April 22, 1918 – The Red Baron – Today in History N.B. I’m not currently responding to comments or visiting blogs […]… Read More April 22, 1918 – The Red Baron – Today in History