Welcome (back!)

I’d like to offer a big thank you to those who have managed to keep my blog link in your feeds despite my absence. Though I plan to concentrate mainly on A Miscellany Of Tasteful… as my home for music and the arts, I might consider blogging on topics I find dear to my heart which are not of a cultural nature.

The unfortunate reality is that it is almost impossible to engage in respectful dialog anymore, as people have planted their feet in the camp of their choice, and those who have friends on both sides of the political and cultural divide have no truck in this society. Therefore, if I post something of a political, religious or cultural nature, you’re free to read it and honestly critique it. In fact, I encourage it. What I won’t tolerate is either spam or some of the grotesque and vulgar comments in the manner of what I see on Facebook or other social media. What’s more, if I had called you a friend and you start acting in this manner, perhaps it’s best that you be gone.

For those of you who weren’t chased away from the last paragraph, thank you. Your friendship is truly appreciated.

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