Fr. Seraphim (Rose), “The Soul After Death” (1980) — Fallen Leaves

“The author of one of the new books on after-death experiences made a point of asking the opinion of various ‘sects’ on the state of the soul after death. Thus, he called a priest of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and was given a very general opinion of the existence of heaven and hell, but was […]

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Remembering Mary of Egypt in Lent — Fr. Ted’s Blog

A bit of history as to how and why St Mary of Egypt became the focus of one of the Sundays of Great Lent. As is well known, the themes of the Sundays of Great Lent changed through the centuries and earlier biblical themes were replaced by monastic figures as monasticism began to dominate the […]

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Asceticism: For the Love of God — Fr. Ted’s Blog

“’Fasts and vigils, the study of Scripture, renouncing possessions and everything worldly are not in themselves perfection, as we have said; they are its tools. For perfection is not to be found in them; it is acquired through them. It is useless, therefore, to boast of our fasting, vigils, poverty, and reading of Scripture when […]

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Akathist to Saint Mary of Egypt and Saint Zosimos — Orthodox Christian Files

If reading alone, say first the following prayers: http://orthodoxfiles.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/order-for-reading-akathists-alone/ Kontakion 1 We glorify You, Heavenly Father, for You raise up sinners to sainthood in response to their repentance and from the boundless creativeness of Your compassionate and merciful ways. Whether we live in the depth of depravity or in the peace of prayer, You know […]

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The science behind the awesome black hole photograph — Matthew Wright

It’s been a hot week for science. Thanks to the Event Horizon Telescope, an algorithm created by 29-year old PhD graduate Katie Bouman, and a lot of hard work, humanity got its first photo of a black hole – M87 in the galaxy Messier 87, some 55 million light-years away. It wasn’t made with visible […]

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আমি এক ঈশ্বর বিশ্বাস করি, পিতা সর্বশক্তিমান। (The orthodox faith: in Bengali). (2019).

A worthy blog to follow, as Scott is a convert to ROCOR, a fellow Russian Orthodox Christian, who is posting interesting articles in a host of languages.

Saint Andrew of Valaam Association.

আমি এক ঈশ্বর বিশ্বাস করি, পিতা সর্বশক্তিমান।
আলোর আলো আমি এক ঈশ্বর বিশ্বাস করি, পিতা সর্বশক্তিমান, স্বর্গ ও পৃথিবীর সৃষ্টিকর্তা, এবং সমস্ত কিছু দৃশ্যমান এবং অদৃশ্য। আমাদের জন্য এবং আপনার জন্য পরিত্রাণ স্বর্গ থেকে নেমে এসেছে, এবং পবিত্র আত্মা এবং কুমারী মরিয়মের জন্য অবতার ছিল, তিনি পন্টিয়াস পিল্টস এর অধীনে আমাদের জন্য ক্রুশবিদ্ধ হয়েছিলেন, এবং অস্বীকার করা হয়েছিল এবং তাঁকে কবর দেওয়া হয়েছিল, এবং তৃতীয় দিনে উত্থাপিত হয়েছিল, শাস্ত্র অনুযায়ী; আবার জীবিত ও মৃতদের বিচার করার গৌরব নিয়ে, যার রাজত্বের কোন শেষ নেই।
পবিত্র আত্মা কে, প্রভু সত্য এবং জীবন দানকারী, যিনি পিতার কাছ থেকে আয় করেন, কে পিতা এবং কে একসঙ্গে পুত্র এবং একসঙ্গে উপাসনা করা হয়। আমি মৃতদের পুনরুত্থানের অপেক্ষায় আছি, আর যুগের জীবন আসবে। আমেন।
Āmi ēka īśbara biśbāsa kari, pitā sarbaśaktimāna. Ālōra ālō āmi ēka īśbara biśbāsa kari, pitā sarbaśaktimāna, sbarga ō pr̥thibīra sr̥ṣṭikartā, ēbaṁ samasta kichu dr̥śyamāna ēbaṁ adr̥śya. Āmādēra jan’ya ēbaṁ āpanāra jan’ya paritrāṇa…

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Pascha and Bright Week 2018 (PDF)

Thanks to Fr. Ted for generously sharing his posts for this year’s Paschal and Bright Week services.


All of the 2018 posts related to Pascha and Bright Week have been gathered into one PDF and can be viewed at 2018 Pascha & Bright Week (PDF).

You can find PDF links for all of the blogs I posted for each of the past 10 years for Great Lent, Holy Week, Pascha and Bright Week at  Fr. Ted’s PDFs.

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Christ—fangzhipin or fuzhipin of God?

This is an interesting take by Tom at An Open Orthodoxy blog on the Originator (God) and the copy (Logos/Christ).



Please enjoy this very interesting description of Eastern (Japanese) aesthetics by Byung-Chul Han (“The Copy is the Original“). I’d love to hear David Bentley Hart reflect on how this different aesthetic sensibility would express core Christian beliefs like the Trinity (Father as the ‘original’, the Logos as the ‘image’, etc.), Incarnation, etc. After reading this I wondered how beholden to a Western aesthetic palate Hart’s Beauty of the Infinite: An Aesthetics of Christian Truth might be. What sort of “aesthetics of Christian truth” would a thoroughly Eastern/Japanese aesthetic palate produce? Here’s just a sampling. You’ll have to digest the whole piece to appreciate my question: Is Christ the fangzhipin (仿製品) or fuzhipin (複製品) of God? In addition, which are we?

In 1956, an exhibition of masterpieces of Chinese art took place in the museum of Asian art in Paris, the Musée Cernuschi. It soon emerged that these pictures…

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