Christmas 2017 (Gregorian Calendar)


It seems 2017 was a rather pleasant year for some, a horrifying ordeal for others. I’d have to say that I split the difference. Some things happened which were immensely pleasant, and some minor irritants popped up in my work life and health. Otherwise, 2017 was a success.

First, a lot of preparatory work was done on a project that I hope to partake in in the early part of 2018, which includes a big move to a location I have yet to solidly pick. Next, a lot of friends, both local and overseas, were either newly made or reconnected with. Iceland and the Czech Republic were absolute joys for me (and I thank my good, beautiful and gracious hosts for making me feel welcomed). Macedonia was something of a homecoming, seeing people I consider to be my brothers, and Bulgaria was phenomenal. The quality of people I met there this year was beyond my wildest expectations, and dear brother Yasen did a wonderful job of organizing Without Borders (it’s only a shame that one has to wait two years to visit these good folks again).

Many amazing releases came out, (just check out the blog to see) and I’m particularly thankful for forming digital friendships with so many, but especially Santiago and A. M. Ferrari-Fradejas, Noël Akchoté, Jeff Gburek, and maintaining good ones with Kopeikin, Gregory Ayriyan, and so many others.

The personal and mushy details I’ll leave out, except to say that it feels good to love and to be loved.

My friends (and I’m proud to call each one of you that venerable word), I wish you the best for 2018. We’ll surely have to endure a few headaches, but we’ll survive it intact. We always do.  A Merry Christmas (twice if you’re Julian Calendar Orthodox), Hanukkah, Eid, Diwali or average day to you all.

Your Hip Priest and friend,



  1. Merry, merry Christmas, brother…
    tried to accept contact on Wechat, but it won’t let me. Hmmmmm…

    Anyway, all the best, and may God bless you richly.

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  2. Thanks for the note, and Merry Christmas to you dearest beloved. Bless your health, peace and joy, wisdom and kindness the brilliance of the Glory of God as one in Spirit ! We’ve made it through the horror and lifted by the mercies and fresh new endeavors with better strength and vision it sounds 🙂 … I’m so glad to hear of your travels to such enticing places as you’ve mentioned ! Traveling can be so good for the soul !! Stay strong, protected and inspired by the deathless grace of the Ever Living blessed Creator, Always !!!

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